How many last minute holiday gifts have you purchased each year?

How many last minute holiday gifts have you purchased each year?

Please tell me how many last minute holiday gifts you have purchased each year! Grabbing a brother or sister, running to the mall and trying to get those quick last minute gifts you procrastinate in buying each and every year.

It was always an excuse for me and my brothers and sister, to wait until December 24th, then go shopping after a quick lunch and cocktail. Hmmm. Maybe cocktails?

Mom! What can we get her? Perfume?

Dad!  Does he need golf accessories? 

How about the nieces and nephews? What are the hippest, trendiest gifts this year?

Well you know it all worked out last minute BUT! Do you remember what you bought them last year a year from now? Do they ever remember what you bought them a year later?

This year is your chance to do it a bit differently. Buy in advance and buy something that will be a unique keepsake gift for your recipient to treasure for years and years to come. 

Handmade Metal Art designs with custom names, dates and messages are one-of-a-kind pieces of art that announce who you are to everyone you know. They are a piece to define a man cave, a piece to define your son or daughter’s favorite sport or to deny a parent access to entering their bedroom without a knock. It’ll be a beautiful sign to say mom is the cook of the house and dad repairs motorcycles! It can be anything you want as we love doing custom home and business art!

Please take a look at our Christmas-ready metal art gifts. How about 15% off just to check us out? Use Holiday15 as a discount code OR sign on up for future specials and discounts and start with 20% off plus free shipping. And please! Ask for custom artwork! We love designing it and our customers have been very very happy with the results! 

Happy holidays and cheers to a great new year!
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