Show Your American Patriotism Through Your Home's Artwork

Show Your American Patriotism Through Your Home's Artwork

Show your American pride with our collection of patriotic metal wall art. Whether you personally know someone who has served in the military, you have served, or you just want to proudly hang what symbolizes the red, white, and blue, Country Proud USA is the place for you!

We encourage and celebrate a pride in, connection to and a responsibility for our community and country. We are a diverse country of many, united in our common love for America.

Celebrate the your love of our country in style with patriotic wall art. Our original designs include star-spangled flags, USA silhouettes, patriotic quotes, and each US State with engaging icons. Perfect for the entryway, living room, the porch, or even the entrance to your house! High grade powder-coated steel mean these signs can be used outside! Patriotic wall decor can be used for special events, in a dedicated Americana room, or to decorate your home all year round. Country Proud USA patriotic wall art comes with multiple size and color options.

Customers love the depth of finish for an authentic, rustic feel. Order our patriotic wall art for Independence Day, gifts or to decorate a new home. Proudly handmade in the USA! These signs ship from Sioux Falls, SD, securely packed. Celebrate the land of the free and home of the brave with our patriotic wall decor today.

Just like all our products at Country Proud USA, our patriotic metal wall art is made in the USA with American-made 16 or 18 gauge powder-coated steel with Free Shipping on all orders over with $35.00.

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