Great Tips for Displaying Metal Wall Art

Great Tips for Displaying Metal Wall Art

Gaining popularity for its durability, versatility, and ease of use, metal artwork makes waves in home decor and interior design. Metal wall art can add texture and color to any space and is a unique way to decorate your home.

While it is gaining popularity, metal wall art is still not the go-to type of decor. If you are interested in using metal wall art to enhance your home or another space, here is a guide on what to keep in mind.

How to Use Metal Wall Art to Enhance any Space

There are many benefits to metal wall art, but some significant considerations must be made when choosing a piece for your space.

On that note, here is a list of some tips to follow when doing your interior design:

1.   Find a Piece That Matches the Aura of the Space

This may seem obvious, but if you’re like me, you tend to buy anything you find appealing without regard to how it fits your other decor. One way to coordinate a space is to choose artwork and wall paint with a similar color scheme. For example, you can effortlessly accentuate beige, tan, and white walls with gold metal artwork. Black metal wall art is another classic choice easily matched with other decor.

For outdoor spaces, you can choose select pieces based on the area you are designing. For example, outdoor metal artwork depicting things like fishing can be included in a garage or barn.

2.   Choose the Right Space

It’s important to consider the physical space to hang out metal wall art. Whether this is for your home or an outdoor area, be sure to consider the proportion of the piece and how it fits into the overall dimensions of the room.

3.   Have a Variety

A lot of metal wall art is unique and creative in its own right. While each piece an artist makes is likely to be slightly different from the previous, it can be easy to fall into the trap of buying pieces that are too similar. Try to pick pieces that don’t mimic each other but complement one another. You can create a room complete with metal wall art but allow each piece to be unique in its own space.

4.   Find or Request Personalized Pieces

To glean the benefits of metal wall art, you can have a custom piece made that will fulfill all you are looking for when designing a space. The range of choices is broad - from rustic themes to abstract metal wall art. While this range is wide, requesting personalized metal art is a great way to display a meaningful decoration in any environment.

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Given the variety of designs you can achieve, I encourage everyone looking to enhance a room or other space to check out metal wall art.


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